Unknown Elite Bridge Officer

The Unnamed Elite Bridge Officer

The unnamed Elite Bridge Officer was a unnamed character from Halo. He was a member of the Covenant Navy during the Human-Covenant War. He served in a fleet under the command of Supreme Commander Luro Taralumee.


The unnamed Elite Bridge Officer was stationed on the bridge of a Covenant Assault Carrier after the fleet had obtained a cryo-chamber containing Dr. Catherine Halsey. While the ship was trapped in a magnetic disturbance, it was infiltrated by a team of SPARTANS led by Master Chief Petty Officer John 117. As the SPARTAN team approached their target, the Bridge Officer was commanded to detach sections of the ship, and ultimately split the vessel in half, in an effort to stop them from getting to Halsey. As the aft end of the carrier was scuttled, the magnetic field was cleared and the forward half transition to Slipspace.

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