Royal Guard (Clovis)

Royal Guard Officer leading Royal Guards

An unknown Royal Guard Officer was present in Code Geass's third episode.


The Officer and his men confronted Lelouch Vi Britannia and Private Suzaku Kururugi and discovered the secret weapon was C.C. He ordered Suzaku to execute Lelouch because he was a witness. But Suzaku refused, telling the Officer that he cannot kill a civilian. So the Officer shot Suzaku with his handgun which injured him. Afterwards the Officer was about to kill Lelouch himself but he and his men were caught in a sudden smoke which allowed Lelouch and C.C. to escape.

Lelouch soon was caught because of his Phone and was thrown at a wall. There were many Japanese corpse which was caused by the Royal Guards. The Officer then was about to execute Lelouch but C.C. took the shot and gave Lelouch Geass. Lelouch then used geass on the Officer and his men, ordering them die. So the Officer gave orders to his men to kill themselves. The Officer and his men then commited suicide by shooting themselves in the head with their handguns.

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