The Unggoy (Grunts) are the lowest ranked members of the Covenant and here are their Ranks.

Grunt LeadersEdit

Name Description Image
Ultra These Grunts serve as field officers to their comrades, and as this rank is the highest in the Grunts race, the Ultras have no control whatsoever over the other Covenant races (except for Kig Yar/Jackal). Ultras were heavy armor and throw Plasma Grenades more than using firearms.


Name Description Image
Special Operations These Grunts are experienced and specially chosen, usually commanded by an Elite Special Operations. They are part of the Covenant Special Operations division of the Covenant Special Warfare Group.
Heavy Being similiar to the UNSC Corporal, these Gruntss are deployed for defensive actions. Their primary purposes are to give heavy support for their group.


Name Description Image
Major Similiar to a UNSC as a Lance Corporal, they are more experienced than Minors. They command several Grunt Minors and are slightly more skilled in combat and courageous.
Minor Grunt Minors are equivalent of a UNSC Private or Private First Class. Minors are often the least dangerous, most cowardly, and inaccurate marksmen of the Covenant. When their commanding officer is killed, Minors retreat from the enemy.

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