The UNSC Marine Corps is a branch in the UNSC Military and has many Ranks.

Rank StructureEdit

Name Command Image
General Army
Lieutenant General N/A
Major General Division (probable but not confirmed)
Brigadier General Brigade (unconfirmed)
Colonel Regiment or Brigade (both probable but not confirmed)
Lieutenant Colonel Battalion
Major Executive Officer or Operations Officer in a Battalion Staff Officer for larger units
Captain Company
First Lieutenant Company XO or Platoon Leader
Second Lieutenant Platoon
Warrant Officer N/A
Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps N/A
Master Gunnery Sergeant Staff
Master Sergeant Technical or Staff duty
Gunnery Sergeant A staff position at the Company level
Staff Sergeant 9-11 marines
Sergeant A Squad of about 12
Corporal Usually a fireteam or 4 or 5 soldier or marines
Lance Corporal N/A
Private First Class N/A

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