Special Provision for Kira

The Special Provision for Kira is a group of elite anti-kira Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Federal Buraeu of Investigation (FBI) headed by Near.

Members Edit

Name Real Name Information
Near Nate River The first in line to succeed L, and mastermind behind the group.
Stephan Gevanni Stephan Loud A skilled lock picker and investigator.
Anthony Rester Anthony Carter Second in Command of SPK and former Special Ops squad Captain.
Halle Lidner Halle Bullook A former Secret Service and CIA agent.

Deceased MembersEdit

Name Death Information
Steve Mason Dies from Death Note, after a leak in the SPK. Director of the FBI who helped create the SPK.
John McEnroe Assumed he died with the other members. An FBI Officer that joined the SPK.
Ellickson Gardner Dies from the effects of the Death Note. Another SPK member.
III Ratt Death from the Death Note, committed suicide with a gunshot. SPK member.

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