Shadow Company was a faction from Call of Duty.


Command and Control UnitsEdit

Name Position Image
Gold Eagle Commanding Officer
Oxide Communications Officer
Excalibur Artillery commander for Site Hotel Bravo

Ground Units/DiscipleEdit

Patrol for Site Hotel Bravo

Name Role Image
Disciple 1
Disciple 2
Disciple 3
Disciple 4/Zulu Element 6 man patrol east along the Canyon, North side access road with 2 German Shepherds.
Disciple 5 2 men guarding the cave entrance overlooking the river.
Disciple 6/Foxtrot Element Breaches the steam room.
Disciple 9
Alpha Element Patrolling riverbed.
Bravo Element Stopped patrol because of sandstorm.


Name Role Image
Butcher 1-5 Escorts Gold Eagle to the LZ for extraction.
Butcher 2 Fast ropes from Blackhawk, some with riot gear.
Butcher 3
Butcher 5 Prepares demolition charges.
Butcher 7 Searches for Discliple 5.
Vinson Element of Butcher 7.
Lambert Element of Butcher 7.

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