Schneizel el Britannia was a major villain from Code Geass.

Main InformationEdit

Full Name Nicknames Age Gender Hair Colour Eye Colour Date of Birth Blood Type Height Nationality Known Relatives Image
Schneizel el Britannia

White Prince

Cold Blooded Strategist

28 Male Blonde Light Purple Febuary 20th 1990  AB 201cm Britannian

Charles zi Britannia (father)

V.V. (uncle)

Lelouch vi Britannia (brother)


Holy Britannian Empire

Britannian Imperial Family

Additional InformationEdit

Title Rank Occupation

Second Prince of the Britannian Imperial Family

Prime Minister/Chancellor of the Holy Britannian Empire





Real World InformationEdit

First Appearence Last Appearance Voice Actor
The Stolen Mask Re;

Troy Baker (English)

Noihiro Inoue (Japanese)

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