Ranks of the Elites (Sangheili).

High CouncilEdit

Name Description Image
Councilor The Councilors share power with the minor Prophets on the High Council. "Councilor" is one of the highest ranks an Elite could ever achieve. 

High CommanderEdit

Name Description Image
Imperial Admiral The Imperial Admiral rank is known to be the highest Covenant naval rank. Imperial Admirals lead whole fleets.
Supreme Commander The Supreme Commander is the Covenant Commander of a rather large or powerful fleet. 
Field Marshal The Field Marshal falls under the Zealot Class, but appears to outrank regular Zealots. Besides leading large-scale operations, Field Marshals are known to lead small strikes composed of Zealot Officers.
Fleet Master Fleet Masters command armadas.
Field Master Field Masters lead armies and are in charge of everything within their army such as Air Support, Armor and it's members.
Shipmaster Ship Masters command Ships including their own Ship.
Zealot Employed by the Ministry of Fervent Intercession, Zealot Elites serve as the Admirals and Generals of the Covenant Military; Commanders of Battalions, Ships and Fleets.

Honor GuardEdit

Name Description Image
Honor Guard Ultra Also known as the Lights of Sanghilious, Honor Guard Ultras are one of the most elite combat units.
Honor Guardsman Honor Guardsman are one of the personal guards of the High Council. 

Covenant Special OperationsEdit

Name Description Image
Special Operations Commander of the Covenant Commanders control all SpecOps within the Covenant and take missions personally from the Prophets.
Special Operations Officer Also known as Commandos, Officers lead standard Special Operations Elites and even Special Operations Grunts. They possess all of the skills and equipment of their underlings.
Special Operations Elite Special Operation Elites are extremly skilled fighters, sent in by the Covenant to accomplish the most dangerous and difficult of missions. Special Operation Elite operate in Squads.


Name Description Image
Stealth Stealth Elites are the Covenant's assassins and spies, and use Active Camo as their main ability. They're often used on ambushes.
Ranger Rangers are a voluntary group of Elites that work in the least forgiving enviroment of all: vacuum. They wear protective helmets and armor and use jetpacks to fly.

Regular InfantryEdit

Name Description Image
General Generals are the highest ranking military personnel employed by the Covenant among their groundside forces. They lead hundreds and even thousands.
Elites General
Ultra Ultras are the Covenant's Colonels and Captains, they command individual operations.
Elites Ultra
Major Majors are veteran Elites who are equivalent to UNSC Lieutenants. Overall they are more agile, aggressive and accurate than Minors. A single Major is capable of surviving a whole squad of UNSC Marines. They can lead Minors, Grunts and Jackals.
Elites Major
Minor Minors are the most common but least experienced. Despite this, Minors are extremly skilled warriors. Minors are equivalent to UNSC Sergeants and are often seen leading squads of Grunts.
Elites Minor

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