SEALS Team Six logo

SEALS Team Six is a a counter terrorism unit under the jurisdiction of the US Navy.

Known membersEdit

David Mason

Mike Harper

Javier Salazar


Weapons UsedEdit

Assault Shield-Special


DSR 50-Sniper Rifle

Five Seven-Handgun

KAP 40-Handgun


M27-Assault Rifle

M320-Grenade Launcher

M8A1-Assault Rifle


Mk 48-Light Machine Gun

MP7-Sub Machine Gun

MTAR-Assault Rifle

PDW 57-Sub Machine Gun

SCAR H-Assault Rifle

Skorpion EVO-Assault Rifle

SMAW-Rocket Launcher

Storm PSR-Assault Rifle

TAC 45-Handgun

Titus 6-Assault Rifle

Type 25-Sub Machine Gun

XM31 Grenade-Grenade Launcher

XRP 50-Sniper Rifle

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