The Kig-Yar (Jackals) is a race in the Covenant and have ranks.

Jackal LeadersEdit

Name Description Image
Zealot Like the Elite Zealots, Jackal Zealots are tasked with missions of religious importance to the Covenant, such as artifact retrieval.


Name Description Image
Ranger Jackal Rangers are trained for zero-G EVA combat, and are equipped with vacuum suits and magnetic boots. 
Sniper Snipers are the Covenant's foremost long-range combatants. They do not use point-defense gauntlets as to better wield their weapon. Jackal Snipers wield Needle Rifles, Carbine, Focus Rifles and Beam Rifles.


Name Description Image
Major Majors are more experienced than Minors and are issued stronger point-defense gauntlets that emit a violet-coloured shield post Great Schism and an orange and red coloured pre-Great Schism.
Minor Minors are the lowest ranked Jackals and are armed with standard-strength, light blue point defense gauntlets.

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