The Japanese Task Force was a group from Death Note. It was the primary organization searching for Kira.


Name Information
L L is founder and Leader of the Japanese Task Force, he is considered to be the World's Greatest Detective. His primary objective is to bring Kira to justice at any cost.
Light Yagami Light Yagami is Kira, and joins the Task Force in order to get close to L, discover his true name and kill him with the power of the Death Note. His intelligence is on par with L's.
Soichiro Yagami Soichiro Yagami is Chief of the NPA, and Light Yagami's father. He initially leads the group of men who become members of the Task Force.
Shuichi Aizawa Shuichi Aizawa leaves the Task Force after the NPA discontinues to provide funding. He returns before L's death, and later becomes one of the first people to suspect Light of being Kira. After the Kira Case ends, Aizawa becomes Chief of NPA.
Kanzo Mogi Kanzo Mogi is one of the most dedicated members of the Japanese Task Force, but also one of the most reserved.

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