Ganta from Deadman Wonderland

Ganta is the Protaginiest to the Deadmann Wonderland anime series.


Accused of murderEdit

Ganta was accused of murder at his Middle School when the mysterious Wretched Egg (split personality of Shiro) arrived and killed all of Ganta's classmates including his friends Mimi and Yamakatsu. Ganta called the killer who accused him of murder, the Red Man. Afterwards, he was arrested and taken to Court.


The Promoter of Deadman Wonderland, Tamaki, give Ganta his card and states his a laywer who's there to prove Ganta's innocence. Ganta faces his trial in the Courtroom, and the Court sentences him to death. Ganta is then taken on a bus which headed to Prison.

At PrisonEdit

Ganta lined up with all the other Prisoners who recognize Ganta as the mass murderer. Makina, Chief Warden of the Prison, comes to introduce herself and explains what Deadman Wonderland really is.