Death Note

Death Note Cover

Death Note is an Anime which falls under the genres of Action.


A High School student called "Light Yogami" stumbles across a Notebook called Death Note which if you write someones full name down, they will die. So Light seeks to become a God of a new world by elimanating all the criminals from the world. Although the world's best detective, L, begins to investigate these deaths to find the killer and put the killer behind bars.


Light YagamiEdit

Light is the Protaginiest to Death Note and is known as Kira for his murders. Light wants to elimanate all evil in the world to leave all the innocent people in the world. He seeks to become the God of Death but world's best detective L comes to stop his plans. 


L is the world's best detective in the world and wants to capture Kira so he can execute him for his murderous crimes. By members of Task Force he is known as Ryuzaki.


Ryuk is a Shinigami who follows Light as he dropped his Death Note and Light got it. Ryuk loves to eat Apples.