Palace Royal Guard

The Royal Guard was a division from the Britannian Military.

The Royal Guards are armed forces whose duty is to protect and defend members of the Britannian Royal Family. It is possible that these soldiers were the personal bodyguards of Clovis la Britannia the Third Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire. Also the Knight of the Round might be assigned to the Royal Guard. 

Types of Royal GuardEdit

Lelouch's Royal GuardEdit

When Lelouch Vi Britannia came to power as the 99th Emperor, Lelouch used his Geass to force the service of many Royal Guards for himself, forcing them to swear absolute loyalty to him to the point of sacrificing their lives to ensure his own survival. 

Schneizel's Royal GuardEdit

Schneizel El Britannia the Second Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire's Royal Guards, who were led by Earl Kanon Maldini, protected Schneizel and carried out his orders. 

Cornelia's Royal GuardEdit

Cornelia Li Britannia the Second Princess's employed many Royal Guards who fought alongside her, such as the Glaston Knights which were led by Gilbert G.P. Guilford. 

The Imperial GuardEdit

Charles Zi Britannia the 98th Emperor's Royal Guards are seen only in the Imperial Palace, serving the Emperor directly. 

Clovis's Royal GuardEdit

Clovis la Britannia the Third Prince's Royal Guards wielded handguns. Royal Guard Officers lead Royal Guard soldiers.


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