Members of the Black Knights

The Black Knights is a group from Code Geass which is a Rebellion that fights the Holy Britannian Empire to free Japan.


Name Position Previous/former Job Image
Lelouch vi Britannia (Zero) Leader 11th Prince of Britannia
Kaname Ohgi Deputy Leader Leader of the Original Resistance Cell
Kallen Kozuki Captain of the Zero Squad Original Resistance Cell member
Kent Sugiyama Special Division Captain Original Resistance Cell member
Shinichiro Tamaki Leader of the Second Special Squadron Original Resistance Cell member
Yoshitake Minami Captain of the Ikaruga Original Resistance Cell member
Naomi Inoue Commander Original Resistance Cell member
Toru Yoshida Soldier Original Resistance Cell member
Kyoshiro Tohdoh Head of the Military Operations  Leader of the Four Holy Swords
Nagisa Chiba Captain of the Fourth Squad Member of the Four Holy Swords
Shogo Asahina Captain of the First Squad Member of the Four Holy Swords
Ryoga Senba Captain of the Second Squad Member of the Four Holy Swords
Kosetsu Urabe Captain Member of the Four Holy Swords
Diethard Ried

Secretary of Media and Intelligence

Head of information, Espionage, and Public Relations

Britannian Officer

Producer and Member of the Press Staff at Hi-TV

Rakshata Chawla Head of the Black Knights Research and Development Team Britannian Scientist
Kizuna Kagesaki Leader of Squad Three N/A
Kinoshita Sub Commander N/A
Kaguya Sumeragi Supporter

Head Mistress of the Kyoto House

Representative of the United States of Japan

First Chairwomen of the U.F.N. Supreme Council

Taizo Kirihara Member

Leader of the Kyoto House

Founder of the Kirihara Industries

Tatsunori Osakabe Member Member of the Kyoto House
Hidenbu Member Member of the Kyoto House
Hiroyosi Yoshino Member Member of the Kyoto House

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