BSAA Symbol

Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance aka the BSAA is an Organization founded by the Federation of Pharmacuetical Companies. Their purpose is to combat, prevent and exterminate bio-terrorism.

Known OperativesEdit

Name Role Branch/Team
Chris Redfield SOU Captain Alpha Team, North American Branch
Jill Valentine SOA North American Branch
Josh Stone SOU Captain Delta Team, West African Branch
Sheva Alomar SOA West African Branch
Piers Nivans SOU Sniper North African Branch
Doug Wright BSAA Advisor Far East Branch
Andy Walker SOU North American Branch
Reid SOU North American Branch
Clive R. O'Brian Director, BSAA Advisor North American Branch
Finn Macauley SOU explosives expert North American Branch
Kirk Mathison SOU Pilot West African Branch
Holiday Sugarman SOA European Branch
Jessica Sherawat SOA N/A
Quint Cetcham SOA, Research and Development European Branch
Doug Pilot West African Branch
Reynard Fisher Informant N/A
Merah Biji SOA Far East Branch
Dan DeChant SOU Captain Alpha Team, West African Branch
Dave Johnson SOU Marksman Delta Team, West African Branch
Keith Lumley SOA European Branch, East African Branch
Mina Gere SOA North American Branch
Jeff SOU North American Branch
Ben Airhart SOU North American Branch
Carl Alfonso SOU North American Branch
Keaton SOU North American Branch
Parker Luciani SOA Unknown

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