Squads are present in the Battlefield series instead of Teams which is present in other military-based games or shooters like Halo and Call of Duty.

Common featuresEdit

Players may join a Squad by joining a Server but must be alive to join a Squad. Squad members are green on the mini map. Squad members will earn extra points for support action (heal, repair, resupply, etc.) on a Squad member.

Squad LeaderEdit

A player may start a Squad at any time (if there's enough space) becoming a Squad Leader (SL). Squad Leaders can invite players to their Squad, kick members out of their Squad and locking their Squad, preventing others from joining except invite. Squad Leaders have various unique abilities:

Issue Orders to their Squad

A Special Spawn point for Squad Members, depending on the game

Earn Points related to Squad leading

Use a seperate command channel in voice chat

Use special gadgets available only to Squad leaders

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